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If a passenger in your parked car opened the door and hit another stationary car and dinged it can his auto insurance cover the harm if he is willing to make the claim with his insurance?

If a passenger in your parked car opened the door and hit another stationary car and dinged it can his auto insurance cover the harm if he is willing to make the claim with his insurance?It depends what kind of coverage the possessor has. I believe the type he would need is liability coverage (some companies may call it property harm liability), which would cover the harm to the other person’s car. You may want to check how much the harm will cost. If its less than your deductable then its not worth making a claim. Even if it is a bit higher than your deductable you may want to look into how much your insurance costs will rise by making a claim. Hope this helps.

What type of insurance will cover damages to your car if you hit a deer while driving through a parking lot?

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Actually, hitting a deer is generally covered by your comprehensive coverage, not collision. Comprehensive covers “acts of God,” which include hitting animals because it was an act of God that the animal was there at that time. Reading your insurance policy will clarify exactly which kinds of claims are covered by which types of insurance..
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There are Trio catagories for car insurance: 1. Liability (covers you if you hit someone else) Two. Comprehensive (covers you if an uninsured driver hits you), and Three. Collision (covers you if you hit something -for example, a deer-).

If your uninsured truck flipped out of park and hit an insured parked car do you have to pay for damages?

Yes. Even however it was an accident that caused an accident, the holder of the truck is responsible for any damges.

Does homeowners’ insurance cover physical loss harm claims by car rental companies?

Homeowners policies do not cover harm to motorized vehicles(except lawnmowers, golf carts, off-road vehicles, electricwheelchairs). SOMETIMES there is coverage for boats & theirtrailers when stored in an enclosed building on the premises.

If you hit a parked car do you file a claim or does the holder file the claim on your insurance?

In most cases, either of you can make the claim. Liability is clear here, so most likely your carrier will take the information from the proprietor of the parked car and go from there. Your carrier would still expect you to cooperate with them as far as verifying the facts-of-loss, etc. There are a few carriers, however, who will only accept claims from the named insured. I’m not sure why, as this puts their insured at risk for being sued by the “injured” party, but most of them will take the information any way they can.

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Can you make a claim against your insurance policy if you hit another car that is also covered in your policy?

Not likely. In most auto policies, there is specific language that your liability coverage excludes other vehicles possessed by you or a “family member” (ie, someone in your household). This would likely be true, too, for a vehicle you hit that’s already on the policy. Instead, most carriers will set up collision claims for both the vehicles, and your deductibles for each vehicle will apply. If the vehicle you hit doesn’t carry utter coverage, you’ll have to pay for its repairs out of pocket. The reasoning behind this is pretty elementary. One, you can’t be liable to yourself, thus triggering the liability coverage. In this case, being “liable to yourself” would mean bruising your own property. Another reason is that your liability coverage is for reasonable or acceptable risks. While hitting your own vehicle is infrequent, it is effortless to do because both your cars might be parked in the same driveway or garage. Overall, tho’, the policy — or contract — that you signed with your carrier very likely has the exclusion for other vehicles wielded and/or insured by you. By obtaining your policy, you agreed to this condition.

How do you prove that your car was bruised when it was hit by an SUV if the insurance company claims otherwise?

Assuming either your insurance carrier or the other carrier has already examined both vehicles to obtain measurements, evidence of paint transfer, “match-up” of damages, etc., and assuming there were no independent witnesses who witnessed the accident occur, you might have no choice but to take the possessor of the SUV to petite claims court. You could file a complaint through your states division of insurance, but they don’t typically have the authority to determine liability. In fact, unless you’re filing a complaint against your own carrier, the division can do very little for you. I’d check with the insurance company to see just what kind of investigation they conducted. If they’ve never looked at your vehicle, for example, or didn’t get measured photos, you can pretty much bet they did a messy investigation. Keep in mind, however, that the other carrier will protect its insured’s own interests. If no evidence exists that you were vehicle was struck by the SUV proprietor, the other carrier would have no choice but to deny liability.

If you can’t identify the vehicle or the driver which hit your car in the parking lot would your insurance cover the harm without enlargening your premium?

No, if the insurance company has to pay out anything then they will raise the premium in order to make there money back….

What do you do if you have auto insurance and you hit a parked car whose driver does not have auto insurance?

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Your insurance will have to pay regardless if the other person has insurance or not. You were at fault.

Can your insurance deny claim for damages resulting from you hitting the parked car of your coworker in the parking lot of a federal agency where you work?

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I am going to make some assumptions here..
I will assume you are talking about privately wielded vehicles, both yours and the co-workers.I will also assume that the parking lot is provided for employees by this agency, and is considered the ’employee parking lot’.I will further assume that, since you indicated ‘parked car’, this vehicle was not moving at all at the time that you struck it..
If these assumptions are true, I cannot think of any reason your company should deny payment of damages to your coworker’s vehicle..
As my questions hint, there could be problems if the vehicle you are driving is a federal/employer vehicle and you were in the course of employment, thereby ‘benefiting’ your employer..
Do you want to share any extra information?

If you hit a post in a parking lot causing slight harm to your car should you report the accident to your insurance company and make a claim?

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It might be cheaper in the long run to just take care of the problem yourself. If you report the harm, the insurance company may determine to raise your rates, maybe not this time, but certainly soon. Figure out what your deductable is versus how much it will cost to repair. If you have $500.00 deductible and it will only cost $600.00 to repair, I’d leave behind it.

Does comprehensive coverage for auto insurance cover a hit and run of your parked car?

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yes it does but you will be claiming off your own insurance and may liberate your no claims discount if you have one..
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Yes it can be used but the deductible WILL apply, and your rates may increase if you put in a claim. (as unfair as that may sound)

If you have previous car harm and are hit in the same spot does insurance still cover the harm?

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If they can tell it was bruised before, then it’s up to the adjuster to give you what he thinks it’s worth.

If a passenger in your parked car opened the door and hit another stationary car and dinged it can his auto insurance cover the harm if he is willing to make the claim with his insurance?

If someone hit your car while it was parked and left their insurance information will your insurance be affected if you go ahead and claim for the damages?

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I don’t know! Im looking for the reaction.
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I don’t know! Im looking for the reaction

Your car was parked and hit by someone their insurance will cover it will your insurance go up?

No because they will only give you 25%, not even enough to buy a fresh fetish mask! my car was parked and hit from behind and severly bruised the right quarter panel and more should i be worried about after effects from this backend harm

Does homeowners insurance cover garage door harm by your car?

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Yes, most of the time. Barring an exclusion to the contrary in your policy.

Your niece drove into your garage door w her car and did 1k harm to the garage should your niece claim it on her auto policy or should you claim it on your home insurance?

Since it was caused by the vehicle, the vehicle insurance shouldcover it. Most home owners insurance companies would most likely makea claim against the auto insurance company, if they covered it.

What harm does car insurance cover?

Car insurance is too broad to define what is covered and what is excluded. There are different options and coverages that cover different things. Some cover your car itself and will pay to repair your car; this is known as Comp and Collision. Some coverages protect you from being sued; these are Bodily Injury liability and Property Harm liability. Some coverages will pay for your injuries; these are Individual Injury Protection and/or Medical Payments coverage. Do you want to be protected from someone hitting you, injuring your family, and not having any insurance? If so, you will want Uninsured Motorist coverage. Talk to your local insurance agent and have them go over all the different coverages and how they work and what they cover. It’s best to know this before an accident and not after. After will be too late.

Does comprehensive insurance cover harm done to a car if the car hits or is hit by an animal?

Comprehensive coverage protects you against damages to your carthat are the result of covered issues not related to a collision,such as an animal. Some insurance companies do not cover damagesdue to animals.

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Will comprehensive insurance cover harm to my parked car?

Usually, yes. Check your policy for details, but comp usually covers any kind of harm (subject to a deductible, of course) that occurs when NOT related to a moving accident – if a tree falls on your car, or it’s cracked into , or something like that. It covers a lot of stuff, which is why they call it ‘comprehensive’….

If your car is hit from behind but the person who hit you claimed that she was hit by someone else who left the scene. Can you still ask her insurance to cover your harm?

You better believe it! She hit you. What caused her to hit you is her problem, not yours. She was obviously too close to you.

My car total cover was hit to a another vehicle. Does the other vechle possessor can claim against me or to claim against insurance company?

If you are at fault in the accident than the other driver will make a claim to your insurance co.If the other driver sues you than pass the paper work to your insurance co and let them treat the case.

Can you file an insurance claim if your parked unregistered car got hit by a car with insurance?

It is always the at-fault party’s responsiblity to pay for damages they cause in an accident. If you know who hit your car then contact their insurance company and file the claim. If you do not know who did it and you have collision coverage on your car, you can file the claim through your own insurer.

If a passenger in a parked car opens a door and hits a pole what is the liability of the passenger?

Initially the driver has to pay the damages if anything besides the car was harmed or bruised but he can sue the passenger for the same amount and also for harm to the car.

If you hit a curb and your car is bruised can you claim insurance?

Yes you can as long as you have collision coverage and this will be considered an “at fault” accident.

Who is at fault if you open your car door in a parking lot and harm another parked car?

This is visible, you are. If you find you cannot get out without hitting or tapping the car next to you, PARK SOMEWHERE ELSE. I know most of us wish we could penalize that S.O.B who takes up somewhat more than one space or even two spaces, but let it go and park elsewhere.

If a passenger in your parked car opened the door and hit another stationary car and dinged it can his auto insurance cover the harm if he is willing to make the claim with his insurance?

Can I make an insurance claim if a tree on my property is bruised by a car?

Yes, as far as ur policy iis valid .When they generally come for inspection make sure it is was through a natural disaster. If not the claim would be of no build up , most importantly they have have to be updated instantaneously when noticed…

If a friend borrows your car and gets in an accident does your auto insurance cover damages?

Depends. If said friend has insurance then in most cases their insurance will cover the damages due to vicarious liability. If the friend does not have insurance, you are then responsible for any damages caused.

Who do I claim from after i accidentally began my car in gear and it smashed into the garage door is it my home insurance or my car insurance there’s no harm to my car?

In most States, this will be a homeowner claim. You may be able to imagine that this is a similar type of peril as if an aircraft had crashed into your home… which would also be covered under your home policy – assuming your homeowner’s policy form does not exclude that sort of coverage. Since its your home that is now bruised, this is where Id commence my claim. Your car is not bruised therefore it needs no claim for damages, albeit your car insurance’s property harm may cover this as well. Id call and check with your insurance companies on this.

If you are in a parked car and your back passenger door is partially opened and another car hits your backdoor who is at fault?

This situation is not one of those nice clear cut answers, but it depends on the situation..
If your rear door was open enough to block traffic, or the flow of traffic, then you would be at fault. By the same token if the person in the other car was driving in some manner that was reckless they could be at fault. This also depends on how your state laws work on impeding the flow of traffic.

Does car insurance cover harm to car caused by garage door?

personally, i would say a tree limb fell onto it while it was sitting in the driveway. but if you have total coverage through a good insurance company, such as geico or allstate, it should.

You have liability insurance but no collision coverage and your car was hit by another driver will their insurance cover your damages?

Yes, if they accept liability and they will pay up to the limit of property harm coverage.

If your dog is hit by a car does your home insurance cover the harm do to the car?

No, it does not. That is why there are different policies called ” homeinsurance” and ” vehicleinsurance”. (The response above is not entirely true. The homeowner insurance “liability portion” may pay for the vehicle harm as long as there is not an animal liability exclusion)

Does liability auto insurance cover your car if you hit a pole?

No. Liability insurance will only cover your liability for property harm/injuries to others. In this case, it would cover the harm to the pole you hit. Your liability coverage will never cover harm to anything you own. You would need collision/comprehensive coverage to cover harm to your car.

Whose auto insurance will cover car harm if I driving another person’s car?

If the other driver is 100% at fault his will. If you are at fault both yours and the holder’s car insurance are potentially on the hook, yours for driving negligently, the proprietor’s for negligence in entrusting their vehicle to a negligent driver, among other things.

Will utter coverage insurance cover your car if hit by another car on private property?

It should unless there was some illegal activity that had occurred and you had the decent coverages. There is no difference in a private property accident or a public street accident when it comes to paying claims.

Can another person claim on your car insurance after an accident in your employers car park?

Yes, there are many parts of a policy that can pay out on certain circumstances. Your car insurance policy may even cover you while you are a pedestrian.

Does your auto insurance deductible cover your car and the car that you hit in an accident?

You do not pay a deductible for the car that you hit. Your liability coverage does not have a deductible.

If a passenger in your parked car opened the door and hit another stationary car and dinged it can his auto insurance cover the harm if he is willing to make the claim with his insurance?

Will homeowners insurance cover a bruised car by the garage door?

No, You’ll have to seek coverage for the Car under you Auto Insurance Policy. Now if the garage door was bruised then your Homeowners policy may fix it if it is below your deductible.

Who’s auto insurance company will cover car harm if you hit a deer while driving another person’s car?

In the US the insurance goes after the vehicle, therefore the owners auto insurance will cover the harm as long as they have comprehensive (Other than collision) coverage. If they don’t have coverage it comes out of someone’s pocket. Another note is that insurance companies don’t like it when you loan your vehicle to people not listed on the policy as a driver.

Will an insured driver who hit an uninsured parked car on purpose cover the damages?

Always make sure you call the police in case of an accident and take lots of pictures and take down the other drivers information. There is an exclusion in most auto insurance policies for something called ‘intentional acts’ and if you hit a car on purpose then you have committed an ‘intentional act’ and are subject to having the claim denied. If the claim is denied like it should be then the proprietor of the uninsured car can still pursue a civil activity against the at fault driver and win a judgment to pay for damages, it’s just that the at fault driver will have to pay out of their own assets rather than from the insurance policy.

Does auto insurance cover harm to car when a wild boar has bruised it?

If you have utter coverage with Comprehensive and Collision then yes, you should be covered.

Do you need to fix your car if bruised by another and covered by their insurance?

That is your decision. The other carrier is liable to pay for damages done by their client. Usually if the estimated harm done to your vehicle represents about 70% or more of the actual cash value of your vehicle they would “total” the vehicle and pay you the value of the vehicle. If the harm is not so that they total the vehicle they are still liable to pay for the harm done. The decision to repair the vehicle or not is yours but they are not responsible to pay any more than the cost to repair it. If you don’t choose to repair it, they are most likely not going to pay the for the rental car while it’s being motionless. If your vehicle is not drivable, they would pay for the rental car while the claim is being adjusted. Speak to the adjuster and let them know your plans and most will work with you. As this is a little unusual, if the adjuster seems uncooperative speak with their supervisor because they may just not understand what you want. Most companies and adjusters just want to make you entire, pay what’s owed, and close the claim leaving everyone glad. Don’t get greedy or think you are owed more than is realistic. As a matter of utter disclosure, I own and operate a puny Independent Insurance Agency in Georgia and have for 22 years. I also was an agent for a direct writer insurance company for Three years prior.

What is a type of auto insurance that covers damages to the car resulting from collision with another car or object?

It’s calledCollision coverageand is usually purchased along with Comprehensive coverage when you buy your auto insurance. If you purchased the collision coverage option when you bought your auto insurance policy it will be covered. ResponseThird party car insurance.

Will your auto insurance cover damages you made when you ran into your house with your car?

Actually this is a little tricky. You cannot be liable to your self. The way this works is that your home insurance coveres harm by vehicles so it would pay for harm to the home itself. You automobile insurance will cover harm to your vehicle. The bad part about this is that it may incur two deductibles, one from your home insurance policy and one from your auto insurance policy. If both policies are with the same company there may be some type of waiver for one of the deductiles but this is not standard and is different from company to company.

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Will comprehensive auto insurance cover a claim if a tow truck damages your car in transit?

I would say that the tow truck is liable for this claim. This is also what your insurance company will say even if they go ahead and pay the claim to keep you glad. Most of the time your company will pay then they will subrogate against the responsible party. If you have comp and collision then their is no issue. If you have comp and not collision then issue of what happened may come into play.

Does your auto insurance cover harm to neighbors car by shingles?

Your car insurance does not cover harm to another persons car that was caused by your home via weather or unforeseen circumstances. Their own insurance should cover the harm dealt to their car, assuming they have more than just liability coverage. If not, then it is their problem to fix their car.

How does no fault auto insurance work if you hit a parked car?

No Fault insurance ONLY deals with medical injuries to you if you are driving. No Fault has nothing to do with property harm liability. If you hit a parked car, then your Property Harm Liability coverage would pay to repair the parked car and your own Collision coverage (if you have it…it’s optional) would pay to repair your car.

Does home insurance cover bruised items in car or auto insurance?

Yes, you are correct. Items in your vehicle that are bruised in an accident or fire or whatever are not covered by you auto insurance unless they are part of your vehicle. The alternative is that they are covered on your homeowners insurance. The downfall to this is that you will have a deductible on your homeowners insurance that you will have to meet very first.

What if your friend parked your car and another vehicle reversed hitting the side of your vehicle Who insurance would cover the harm your insurance friend insurance or the dame who reversed?

The response depends upon whether or not you maintained collision coverage on your car. This is a type of “very first party” coverage that pays for physical harm to your car, usually subject to a deductible. You could normally make a claim to your own collision insurer if you had that coverage. If the driver who backed into your car had liability insurance, you could make a claim against her.

Does your plpd insurance cover the damages to a car that you hit?

I am assuming that you are making up some abbreviation by using the plpd. The part of the policy that would pay for the damages to the car you hit if it was your fault would be Property Harm Liability Coverage.

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