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Why is car insurance for sports cars so much more expensive?

Why is car insurance for sports cars so much more expensive?This is due to the greater likelihood of accidents taking place which involve sports cars. This means that the risk of a claim being made against the insurance company is higher, and so they charge a higher price to cover their risk.

If you have a family car and an expensive sports car that only you will drive what type of insurance or insurer will cover the sports car?

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If you already have insurance on the family-car, then you can put the sports car on your insurance and tell them you will be the only driver of the sports car. Make sure no one else gets caught driving the car by the insurance company (wreck, etc.). Or look in the yellow-pages in your phonebook, and call several car insurance companies. They should be able to tell you. Always call Trio or more places to get the lowest deal you can, depending on what plan you want or qualify for.

Why is it more expensive to insure a crimson car?

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It is not more expensive to insure a crimson car. That is presently a myth. It may have been a factor in the past as people thought that people who bought a crimson car were more at risk for speeding and accidents, but that is not the case. If you get quotes from insurance companies they will not ask for the color of the car, or if they do it is only for record keeping and will not factor into the cost of insurance..
Factors that do matter are the year, make, model, bod type, engine size and age of your car, as well as drivers on your policy.

If you pay for the insurance or harm waiver on the rental car when you were not at fault can you get reimbursed for that expense If so how?

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Yes, I am going on the following assumptions to response your question;.
You rented a vehicle and took out the harm waiver, (did you have insurance on another vehicle? If so that switches a few things) had an accident in this rental vehicle thatWAS NOT YOUR FAULT AT ALL ..
You (or the rental company) could file with the ‘at fault’ party. Some rental car companies will chose to use their own carrier for speed, so they can get that vehicle back on the road. In that example, (and evidently that is what happened) once the final payments have been made, their insurance company should file a subrogation claim against the at fault carrier, and recoup all money paid in the claim including the deductible you paid. And in turn will come back that to you. If the other party is not insured there will still be a subrogation claim, but this generally takes a lot longer..
Let me caution you tho’, this is under the assumption thata) there was absolutely no negligence attributed to youb) the ‘at fault’ driver had insurance. c) no dispute inbetween the carriers as to liablity..
You should be kept abreast of the investigation, and subrogation claim, if you have not been contact the insurance company that is treating the claim, if you do not have their information, call the rental car company and get it from them..
If you would like to provide me with extra details surrounding the facts of loss etc, perhaps I could be of greater assistance to you, and would gladly attempt…. Good luck !!

Which color car is most expensive to insure?

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There is an Urban myth that crimson cars are associated to higher insurance. This has never been proven and can not be supported with any factual evidence. Your safe with any car color. crimson is the most expensive car colour to make since it has flakes of gold in it to give it its crimson color, as for insurence, i dunno

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Is car insurance more expensive if you have a Class B license?

It depends on points, practice, ect. Generally, however, it will depend on the company itself. Some companies may say, for an example, “This driver has more practice with automobiles, so he/she is less likely to be involved in an accident”, while others may not care. There are pleanty of examples where it works either way.

What is the most expensive type of Sports Car?

The most expensive Fresh sports car is the Bugatti Veyron – $1.Five million.
The most expensive OLD sports car is the Ferrari 250 GTO from 1962 – $12 million

Why are cars so expensive?

Reactionbecause they have so many things that you can do in them that it makes it hard for people to give away a car for $800 or so on .
You didn’t put the brand of car in the question, so it is unlikely to give you the specific reason. Most expensive cars are expensive do to the materials they use( leathers, aluminum, magnesium, carbon fiber, uncommon wood trims). Mitt assembled cars (E.I. Aston Martin, koenigsegg) have a lot of man hours/labor time in building it that makes production expensive. They provide cutting edge technologies that aren’t available in cheaper cars for a duo years. Some cars are expensive just because of the brand name / mystique / horsepower it has/ status it insinuates , or it’s limited production.

What cars are the most expensive to insure?

Im not sure which is the most expensive, but uncommon, limited, classic cars can be expensive, lets take the McLaren F1 car for example, this is a uncommon, expensive, limited car wihch cost more to insure than buying the car itself. Mainly it is expensive to insure powerfull, sporty cars.

Why are diesel cars more expensive?

They are generally more expensive because of the extra durabilityneeded in the engines due to the higher compression of dieselengines. They also often have superchargers that gas engine do notnormally have.Ê

What is the name of an expensive sports car?

it depends how expensive.
for about 100 000 you have a cadillac xlr.
for about 75 000 you have a corvette.
and theres a mustang.
saturn sky.
pontiac solstice

Is the insurance of a black car more expensive then a silver car?

Rates are determined by a diversity of factors, however color is not one of them. Driving history, year/make/model, credit history, where you live, etc determines the rate.

Why is your car insurance so expensive?

because if you get in a wreck…your insurance has to pay for it and you have to pay alittle money to help them pay gor your accident. because if you get in a wreck…your insurance has to pay for it and you have to pay alittle money to help them pay gor your accident.

Why is car insurance for sports cars so much more expensive?

Are cars more expensive in Mexico?

No; they basically have the same price found in the US. This however, means they are more expensive for Mexican people as in average, they earn a third to a quarter of what an average American does.

Why are super cars so expensive?

It could be due to numerous reasons… 1. The materials used are infrequent or expensive to produce (e.g. Carbon Fibre) Two. The craftsmanship. It could be forearm built with love and passion (e.g. Ferrari’s) Trio. Time and effort. It could have taken a long time to design and produce , or production may be slow due to custom-built options (e.g. Rolls Royce’s).

How much is the cost of insurance for sports cars different from regular cars?

It depends on you’re driving record, age, marriage… many aspects. Begin with calling an insurance agency and getting quotes. it also depends on how many times you have crashed before and what type of sports car you are driving.

Is car insurance more expensive when using for business?

Typically Yes, this is because people who use their vehicle in the course of business present a higher risk than people who just drive to work and then drive home.

Is a Two door car more expensive to insure than a Four door car?

Yes, because insurance companies think that because its a two door it is more sporty and in turn you will most likely be more likely to speed in it.

What are the names of three expensive sports cars?

The 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe was sold for $8,700,000 in 1987..
Bugatti Veyron $1,700,000 . This is by far the most expensive street legal car available on the market today. It is the fastest accelerating car reaching 0-60 in Two.6 seconds. It claims to be the fastest car with a top speed of 253 mph+. However, the title for the fastest car goes to the SSC Ultimate Aero which exceed 253 mph pushing this car to 2nd place for the fastest car..
Vectormakes claim that their ownWX8big block model can reach speeds of over 300 mph. However, these claims are made dubious by the fact that on the very same page, they lay claim to 275 mph for the very same car. Their official webpage also has Three different horsepower specifications of 1800, 1850+ and 2000 — again for the same car on the same page. The price has frantically varying claims from $178,000 to almost $Two,000,000 depending on which website you look at (Vector’s official price is “to be determined”)..
Lamborghini Reventon $1,600,000. The most powerful and the most expensive Lamborghini ever built is the 2nd on the list. It takes Trio.Three seconds to reach 60 mph and it has a top speed of 211 mph. Its rarity (limited to 20) and slick design are the reasons why it is so expensive and.
The three most expensive cars bought and that are being sold…..

Is it least expensive to insure a older car?

Only because you can get away with liability only on an older vehicle, which reduces your cost. You need total coverage on a newer vehicle. Rates are based off alot of different factors. Not only the type of car, but what city your in (crime, stolen vehicles). Sports vehicles can be higher. Even if you insure a vehicle that is reported stolen alot could make even an older car alittle more to insure. If you have a bad driving record or a teenage driver could also cause an increase.

Is car insurance more expensive on a truck?

Truck insurance generally costs more than insurance on a regular passenger car….. if both policies were alike in coverage amounts.

What are the advantages of a more expensive car?

Like most things in life “You get what you pay for”. The majority of vehicles are sold before they are three years old. Therefore the industry makes lots of cars that are under 20 thousand, knowing they only need to keep the very first possessor glad. You must use some sound judgement, when it comes to cars. We don’t make our sewer pipes out of gold so they will last forever, so why spend a fortune one something they you will get tired of in a duo of years. If you have to ask how many miles will it go per gallon, you can’t afford it.

Is a convertible car more expensive to insure?

Usually yes. Convertables are usually very puny and smaller cars don’t do the driver so well in a car accident.

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Does insurance on a classic car is more expensive than on a regular car?

usually less as your not using it for an every day driver and you can put the value on the vehicle that you want to be insured, if it’s worth $30,000 you insure it for that amount.

Are black cars more expensive?

No, not generally, most companies suggest black colour as standard too. What i noticed was that: – in hot countries they use white cars. – in cold countries they use black cars. —- This is due to the fact that white cars reflect light and fever, and black cars absorb light and fever, so a black car will be warmer than a white car. —-ManUtd77

Is auto insurance more expensive for teenage drivers driving sports cars compared to regular vehicles?

Auto insurance rating multiplies the base insurance rate for a car times the factor for the driver. So a car which has bad practice, multiplied by teenage driver (much more likely to kill someone in an accident), results in higher premium.

Why is car insurance for sports cars so much more expensive?

Do crimson sports cars cost more on insurance?

The color of the car has nothing to do with how much your auto insurance costs, but it being a sports car does increase the cost. Other factors that may affect the cost of your auto insurance are age, masculine or female (if under 30), married or single, driving record, and distance to and from work, to name a few.

Is car insurance more expensive if the car does not have airbags?

If your car does not have air bags, yes – your insurance will be more expensive, all other things being equal. To put it simply: If you have air bags, that’s a discount.

Why is a solar car so expensive?

Their parts are expensive to manufacture. They have a motor, wheels, seats, steering wheel, brakes and more. Also, they require some kind of fuel and in this case, it’s the sun, which is why it’s called the solar car. The sun cannot power the car directly; some conversion must happen inbetween the sun and the wheels. This is the same with your everyday automobile. The explosion of the fossil fuel in the motor gives power to the wheels. For the solar car, the sun’s energy is converted to tens unit with the help of the solar cells. The violet wand is used to power the electrified motor which turns the wheels. It is very significant for the car to be very efficient since its power source is the sun and it may not be present all the time. For that reason, solar cars are built with an aerodynamic form to reduce wind friction and are made very light.

Why is insurance more expensive for a sports car than for an economy car?

sports cars are quicker than an economy car so they think you will speed and that makes you more likely to get in an accident

Why is car insurance for youthfull drivers so expensive?

Car insurance is more expensive for junior drivers due to the fact that their lack of driving practice makes them a higher risk. Insurance companies charge based on a number of factors that contribute to your overall risk as a customer.

What causes car insurance rates to fluctuate so much?

Car insurance rates can fluctuate due to many factors. One of the factors is the particular insured driver’s driving record or history. If one has had previous accidents, it would greatly affect the car insurance rate.

How much is car insurance for a car?

It depends on many factors, like type of car, type of insurance, age, practice, location, garaging, security features, driving history. All of these are taken into account. A fresh and inexperienced driver is likely to pay more insurance than the value of the vehicle being driven.

Is womens car insurance cheaper or more expensive than mens?

Womens’ car insurance can cheaper or more expensive than mens.’ It all depends on many factors. Age is very significant. Your driving record plays a superb part in the amount you will pay for car insurance.

Why is car insurance for an Audi so much more expensive than other cars?

Actually, Audi car insurance tends to be less than many other cars of the same (luxury) class but will be more than cars of different classes because they are luxury cars and thus more expensive to purchase. The more expensive a car is to purchase, the more it will be to insure.

How much more expensive is European car insurance than American car insurance?

“European insurance is generally more expensive and varies depending on what part of Europe you are in. Since there is broadbased rates across Europe, checking with the Country’s embassy or the American Embassy in that country can be most helpful.”

Is Swinton Car Insurance expensive?

Swinton Car insurance is a company that serves the residents of the United Kingdom. It’s cheaper than most insurance companies over here because they have a cash back program.

How much does insurance go up driving sports car?

Depends on the type of vehicle. The reason sports cars are expensive to insurance is because the parts to fix them are more expensive than other cars.

Why is car insurance for sports cars so much more expensive?

Why is car insurance expensive for junior drives?

Statistics do seem to indicate on a consistent basis that the Drivers with less practice have more frequent accidents.

How much more is car insurance for a fresh car as opposed to a used car?

It depends entirely on what kind of car it is, and the driver’s “reputation”. Youthful masculines driving a fresh Camaro can expect to pay more than youthful masculines driving a Buick Regal. Auto insurance premiums are all about risk assessment. Certain cars and certain ages of cars are statistically associated with greater or lesser risk of accident. Certain kinds of drivers (gender, driving record, age, etc.) are statistically associated with greater or lesser risk of accident. The only way to truly know how much you would pay is to ask for a quote from an insurance company on the specific car and the driver who would use it most.

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Why is car insurance more expensive for drivers under 21?

Insurance rates are derived from claims statistics. The reason that car insurance is more expensive for drivers under 21 is that drivers under 21 have more accidents. Most likely this is due to inexperience but it is a fact that junior drivers do have more accidents.

Which sport car is the most expensive?

The most expensive sports car for the years 2012 – 2013 is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. The cost of this car is a staggering $Two,400,000.00. This is the high end version of the base Veyron which starts at $1,700,000.00.

Why is car insurance for youthful drivers more expensive?

It is generally assumed that junior drivers are less experienced and therefor not as safe on the road as other drivers. They are also seen to be more likely to be racing or engaging in dangerous driving activities such as buzzed driving or texting and driving. There are some insurance companies that will lower rates for youthful drivers excelling in school, however.

Why are Jaguar cars so expensive?

Jaguar is a British luxury brand which now is possessed by Indian autogiant Tata. As with any luxury brands, the cars calls for highprices, but they are generally perceived as one of the less wellreceived luxury brands at the current generation of auto makers in2014.

What factors can influence how expensive car insurance is?

Several different things are taken in to consideration when an insurance quote is drafted. Age, driving record, amount of time you have had a valid license, if it is on a family policy, if you are married and how much you drive per year are all things that can increase or decrease the amount you pay for car insurance.

Where can one get an insurance for a sport car?

All major auto insurers will insure sports cars just as they will any other car. However, drivers of sports cars pay more on average for insurance because sports cars are quicker and more powerful, and therefore more dangerous and more likely to be involved in accidents.

Why is car insurance more expensive for a swift car?

A car insurance is more expensive for a prompt car because it will have more lightly accidents. On the other forearm, a slower car will not have accidents so often on average.

Where can one find more information about insurance for sports cars?

One can find more information about insurance for sports cars through and insurance agent. There is a premium insurance which covers these kinds of vehicles.

Are imported cars expensive to insure?

Imported cars are generally more expensive to insure. This is due to having to pay for the extra cost of shipping over parts in case an accident occurs.

Why is car insurance more expensive for junior drivers?

Because junior drivers have more accidents that experienced drivers. This is a proven fact. Insurance companies do not just charge junior drivers more for joy. The statistics are very plain, more practice results in few accidents.

Why is my car insurance so high?

Car insurance companies use many different factors to determineyour car insurance rate. Not everyone gets the same rate even ifthey have the same insurance company. If you are paying to much forinsurance these or some of the main factors that effect your rate: 1. Your driving record . Violations on your driving recordwill make your insurance rates go up. These would include movingviolations and at fault accidents. Two. Your age and gender . Rates are higher based on yourdriving practice. The junior you are, most likely that yourrates will be higher. Also rates for youthfull masculines tend to be higher. Trio. Where you live . Insurance companies rate different zipcodes differently based on many other factors. Some areas havehigher rates. Four. Your vehicle coverages . Rates are different for differentcars and coverages. Ask your insurance company about your coveragesand how they effect your rate. Five. Miles . Rates are also based on annual miles, if you don’tdrive to much you can get a lower rate. 6. Discounts . Are you getting all discounts? Insurancecompanies suggest many discounts so ask if you qualify for any. Someare multi-car discounts, multi-policy discounts, good studentdiscount, affinity group discounts, and other discounts. Overall review your policy to see what you actually have and feelfree to shop around. Call other insurance companies and see if theycan suggest you a lower rate. Different insurance companies offerdifferent rates for your situation, so shop around to get the bestcar insurance rates.

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